Our Leadership Team

What a blessing it is to have the love and support of these gifted and talented members. We are so grateful for their dedication to serve in the mission field of the marketplace.


Each one of these women is here to help you achieve your objectives and is here to assist you and help our Tapestry be the best it can be!

Lethia Owens

 Director to the Director

Karen Fox

Director of Online Impression

Sue Martin

Director of First Impressions

Rosemary Bell

Director of Giving Back

Michele Petralia

 Director of Tapestry University

Cindy Dodd

  Lift Your Voice Director

Denise Dawson

 Director of Sisterhood Communications

Carol Brazeale

Director of Bible Study Book Club

Diane Carson

 Director of Business Marketing

Parent Organization:

The Tapestry Network
Rocklin, California

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