Women Health

Women Health

Every human being has rights to enjoy a healthy and sound life. It surely depends on the lifestyle and health choices they make. But in this 20th century one has not enough time for themself. It’s hard to make appointments or schedule a monthly checkup with the doctor. We care about you. To make remaining solid throughout the following days somewhat simpler, we have gathered together some simple exhortation from the specialists that can make you feel invigorated, imperative and prepared to manage whatever life's going to toss at you. So here are some health tips and tricks for you:

Always put yourself first:

Women are always busy taking care of others; children, husbands, parents and pets. But we forget that if we are healthy, physically, mentally stable and nourishing we can effectively foster others. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean being selfish it is just a simple principle of life. Prioritize yourself by taking proper nutrients, vitamins, healthy diet including protein, carbs and healthy fats, do exercise or yoga four to five times a week.

Drinking 2 liters of water regularly will not just help you to lose weight but it will also keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Healthy mind, body and skin is the key to a healthy life. Always find time for yourself in this busy life. Meet friends, do parties, eat your favorite food and try to find yourself.

Avoid and manage your stress:

The major plague of the 20th century is depression, anxiety and stress and women are always the victim of them be it any stage of life. From being a girl, adult to old women you face different hormonal changes. These hormonal changes in your life is also responsible for stress. Stress had a great impact on your body you feel often a headache, muscular, chest pain, change in sexual behaviors and fatigue which often leads to a bad mood, anger, irritation lack of motivation and depression. Some women ought to overeat during stress times. Worst case scenarios are social disengagement and drug abuse.

Avoid stress by finding time yourself and try to find a hobby. Do something productive like writing an article, read your favorite book, baking, cooking, and meet up with friends that positively hypes you up. If you have any social withdrawal try to find a company or NGO that helps people to endure with mental health issues. Exercise is the key solution to all women’s health problems. Workout at least four to five in a week. It will boost positive energy into you and you will get rid of fatigue, muscular tensions and feel energetic and motivated.

Eat Healthy –Stay healthy:

Healthy mind, body and skin is the key to a healthy living and women needs it more than men. Change your old habits and replace them with a healthy lifestyle. Feeling hungry? Want a snack? Don’t go for potato chips, sugary cupcakes or calories loaded unhealthy sandwiches. Replace them with healthy snacks like almonds, nuts, raw green vegetables and popcorn. Change your unhealthy cooking oil either with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or sunflower. It will help you to control your cholesterol level and also aids in weight loss along with some workout.

By eating healthy you avoid heart diseases, diabetes, bones malfunctions and most importantly some kinds of cancer. Healthy minds promote positive, pleasant and happier moods. Aids in healthy sleeping, improved memory and it is also good for the next generation.

See your doctor:

I know it hard to find time in this busy routine, but all this wealth is well when health is well. Make an appointment and consider your genetic testing. Women often are at the verge of having a family history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer or any STDs.  Here is the list of some women diseases which often remain undiagnosed:

Endometriosis is a disease among women that occur when a tissue lining uterus outgrows of it to other parts of the body. It is currently considered incurable by the doctors and women often diagnosed by it when it is too late because of the delay in checkup. Symptoms include:

  • Severe pain in the pelvic region
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Pain during vaginal penetration
  • Headache and fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting

Coronary heart disease occurs when arteries delivering oxygenated blood starts working improperly.

It is challenging to spot as its symbols vary from person to person and even from men to women. Research shows that some people don’t show symptoms at all but common symptoms are feeling pressure in chest region especially during physical work, pain in neck and fatigue. Women may also feel back pain, chest burning and nausea.

ADHD: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental health disorder, a progressing example of heedlessness, not having attention and potentially hyperactivity-impulsivity which meddles with working or advancement. Women are children shows ADHD graph more than men. Common Symptoms are:

  • Short term memory
  • Easily distractible
  • Can’t focus on a task
  • Uncompleted work or task
  • Doesn’t focus on listening and sight
  • Could not understand or focus on details
  • Struggles in following instructions


Simpler and Quicker Health tips:

  • Avoid soft drinks at all costs. Swap them with water, healthy drinks, coffee or herbal teas.
  • Add protein in your diet. Protein sources are chicken, lean meat, eggs, beans and fish.
  • Eat raw fruits as fresh juice contains more amount of sugar.
  • Avoid processed food and go for natural items.
  • Make exercise part of your living style.
  • Have a positive environment and company around you.
  • Find a hobby that keeps you happy.
  • Routine checkup







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