Women diseases

Women diseases

Women face hormonal changes throughout their lifecycle be it a young girl, adult women or an old lady. These hormonal changes in your life are also responsible for physical as well as mental health problems. The major plague of the 20th century is depression, anxiety and stress and women are the recurrent victim of these health issues, be it any stage of their life. Stress had a great impact on your body; you feel often a headache, muscular or chest pain, change in sexual behaviors and fatigue which often leads to a bad mood, anger, fatigue, irritation, lack of motivation and depression. Some women ought to overeat during stress times which leads them to an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. Worst case scenarios include social disengagement, suicide and drug abuse. In this article, we have discussed some common diseases among women:


Osteoporosis is a bone disease common among women following their menopause. The bones of sufferers become fragile, brittle and weak. A little pressure, stress or even coughing, sneezing cause them to fracture. Usually, bending leads towards bone fracture in pelvic areas, wrist and spine-bone. Research suggests that one in three women are at risk of getting osteoporosis while in men it ratios from one to five.

Causes: Bones are living tissues that are continually replaced by new healthy living tissues. Osteoporosis occurs when these continue replacement of old and new tissues stops especially due to menopause. Younger bodies make new bone tissues faster than older following after the 20s, the process becomes slower and eventually after your 30s you have peak bone mass. Bone peak mass also depends on your genetic history. Furthermore, Vitamin D deficiency, chemo, prolonged steroid usage and thyroid problems also lead to this disease.

Symptoms: Early stages of osteoporosis typically don’t show any symptoms but once you are ahead of initial phase and your bones became weaker you will notice following symptoms:

  • A gradual loss of height
  • Pelvic bone fracture
  • Frequent bone fracture
  • Stooped back or posture
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain

Breast Cancer


Among 100 persons, 99 percent of women are vulnerable to get breast cancer will only 1 percent of men are at verge to suffer from these disease. The most authentic explanation is presence of more breast tissues in women as compared to men. While most breast lumps are non-threatening still it is the most common type of cancer that affects 1/3 women globally. Breast cancer mostly originates from milk ducts linings and spread towards other parts of the body. From the past decade, seminars and workshops are arranged globally to deliver knowledge about breast cancer. Women are advised to do a weekly checkup of themselves. If you find any kind of lymph immediately seek a doctor.

Causes: Just like any other cancer breast cancer triggers when breast cells starts to multiply in an abnormal pattern. These cells starts to accumulate and form lumps within the breast. Researchers suggest that environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes and genetic history increases the risk.


  • A lump or thickening that feels different then encompassing surroundings
  • Change in size, structure or shape of breast
  • Dimpling or inverted nipples
  • Pigmented areas with itching, scaling and or peeling
  • Change in skin color like redness or orange peels
  • Inheritance


It is a disease among women that occur when a tissue lining uterus outgrows of it to other parts of the body including fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvis lining. It is currently considered incurable by the doctors and women often diagnosed by it when it is too late because of the delay in checkup. With the passage of time, it gradually becomes thick and thin due to menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, it remains trapped within the body because there is no way of out. Endometriosis can cause severe torment and pain, particularly during menstrual periods. Women’s fertility also affects by it. Luckily, successful medicines are accessible.


The flow back of menstrual blood in fallopian tubes and pelvic linings cause the endometrial cells present in menstrual blood to accumulate there and surface on pelvic organs. Over time they start to develop there and bleed with menstrual cycle. Surgeries, especially after C-section, may cause endometrial cells to gather at surgical openings. Immune system disorder also aids in endometriosis as body cannot recognize the cells outgrowing out of uterus.


  Its symptoms include:

  • Severe pain in the pelvic region
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Pain during intercourse and vaginal penetration
  • Headache and fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Infertility
  • Pain during urination or bowel movement


Depression is often mistaken as anxiety or social awkwardness but it is a ‘’cancer’’ of mental problems. It is not about overthinking or crying all the time it is the inability to be happy or have fun. You could be at a party, it could be your graduation day or you just got promoted but you can still feel depressed. Depression often provokes suicidal thoughts even the legendary actor Robin Williams killed himself with his belt due to depression.


  • Canceling plans with friends and family
  • Always staying in bed.
  • Staying in dark.
  • Drug abuse
  • Drinking habits
  • Avoiding social contacts
  • Fatigue and physical pain


Many people seek psychiatrist for depression treatment but it can also be treated by medicines and physiotherapy. Take time to find right treatment for yourself. Have a healthy, positive and keen environment and company. Anti-depressants are common in drug stores, nowadays. But don’t rely on medicines alone, also get some moral and social support.


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