Women and Business

Women and Business

Man has been the dominant member of the earth since the beginning because according to many religions and faiths, man was created first and woman was created from the limb of man and so is perceived to be the secondary of man. Women have always been forced to live a life of household and were not supposed to leave their homes to do the jobs that required getting out of the house. When the monarchy system prevailed in the society then only kings were ruling over the people and queen was just a person with limited resources and was considered and respected only because she is the wife of the king. This gender biasness has been going on for centuries but we have seen women as ‘Razia Sultana’ and Amunet of Egypt that how women can be leaders as well and they possess all the qualities of men and can be more famous and good in skills as compared to men.

Women have been an excellent leader throughout the history and they have been surviving like submissive characters of the life of the male beings of the society.


Throughout the history women have been suppressed by men because they were considered to be feeble and weak minded characters of the society whose only purpose was to handle the household, cook food, and wash the dirty linens of the men. If a woman wants to do business then history stands witness that women were forced into prostitution by men and that was the only business that women were good in.

Black plague:

Black plague was a disaster that spread through the world and was a disease that was spread through mice and kills almost 200 million people in the Eurasia. When most of the men were dead then society removed the restrictions for women to work and was allowed to do work of their own choice. Soon the world saw that women have been acting as the key member of the society but still some restrictions were there that woman were only allowed to do some specific types of jobs and were not allowed to rise up in their profession.

Industrial revolution:

Industrial revolution was the revolution that was the beginning of invention and innovation in the world. World was allowed to move forward in time and produce things that one day will take humans to the moon. This was an era when first bill was passed where women were allowed to vote and were allowed the jobs that were done by men but the only right to vote was been agreed. Women were still taking part in the jobs that they could find and were managing the household as well.

World war:

When the French revolution and First World War happened, men went to war and were killed. The population of men was decreasing in those times and back in their homeland s, business stopped because there were not enough people to operate at jobs and to provide clerical services. Women were then allowed to do all the clerical jobs and time stands witness that it was the beginning of the time when women were introduced to the life of office and soon we saw that world has been ran by women and women were flourishing in all the fields of the world. When men returned they found that women have taken their place and have been running the system perfectly so the political norms were allowing women to keep working alongside men.

Another problem that arose due to these jobs by women was that women were considered a liability and were not paid enough as compared to the men. This was not a complete end to the tyranny of men and women were still not paid in full because this was the gender biasness that has been started ever since and in this modern world where there are women working in almost every sector, still gender biasness exists today and at many places and occupation, women face a professional backlash.

Modern days:

In the present day we see that women are participating alongside men to fight their life through the grind of time. In almost every field of the life, women are working alongside men in almost every field of life. Woman can be seen driving taxis, as business woman and are present in almost every occupation that was only reserved for men I the history. Modern day is a slap on the face of the people in the past who laughed if a woman said that she is a doctor. It is a slap on the face of history where women were considered a liability and were only forced to mange a household and nothing else. Now this is the world of women too where they don’t have to serve under their male masters and are the masters of their own fate.

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