Trump approaches Imran Khan and Narendra Modi to reduce the tension over Kashmir:

Trump approaches Imran Khan and Narendra Modi to reduce the tension over Kashmir:

So you all may know about the tension between Pakistan and India recently. The tensions between Pakistan and India arose just after the amendments in the constitution of India few weeks ago by the Indian government. The government has dealt with the article 370. Before going into deep details, let us discuss the cause first.  As you all know that its been more than 70 years, India and Pakistan have got Independence. Since then every year the tension between India and Pakistan arises. And the main reason behind that is the beautiful place of Kashmir. Yes, Kashmir can be regarded as one of the deadliest places in the world. Kashmir being a disputed region is dangerous for common person to visit because there will be military barracks all around. The wrong decisions and partitions from britans back in 40’s have made Pakistan and India arch rivals at every field of life. Both countries have fought wars for the four times but the territory of Kashmir remains disputed as larger part of the Kashmir is occupied by India and smaller by Pakistan. The Indian occupied Kashmir and kashmiris living there wants freedom Indian Government and want to shift to Pakistan as soon as Possible. Several resolution of UN have been passed on Kashmir but India donot want to resolve the issue peacefully since independence. SO, we can call Indians as war mongers, as most of them including their media and Government love to do war with their arch rivals Pakistan and China without knowing the effects of war if happened. Most of the countries have tried multiple times to settle and resolve the issue peacefully but India always backstabs Pakistan peace gesture. Moreover, you all might know about the recent dog fight between Pakistan and India, where India looses two of its fighter jets at that time and Pakistan returned their pilot as peace gesture. And it is to be noted that all of the tension arose due to Kashmir, as some of the Mujahidin attack Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir and killed 40 army personnels of India. All of this can be termed as preface of the current tension between both India and Pakistan.

Now after couple of weeks, there are some mediater that want both countries to solve the problem peacefully. Recently, the US president Donald Trump has been trying to play a role as a mediater between both India and Pakistan. The US president has just reached the Prime ministers of both nations and urges them to have patience. The president reached them on Monday and spoke about the current situation and tension between both countries. Moreover, the president has just focused on improvement of trade with the US, Moreover, the president has also urged both countries to reduce the tension between them that is caused due to Kashmir. The tensions between both nuclear armed countries increased due to removal of article 370 from Indian constitution.

The president Trump of US has tweeted yesterday about his phone calls to Prime ministers of both countries. The president explained that he has talked with this two friends. One is Imran khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the other is Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. He said that he has urged them to work on the most important strategic partnerships between between both and with the US. The most important aspect of phone calls between the leaders is to enhance trade between countries as well as to reduce the tensions between them regarding Kashmir. Trump proclaimed that the current situation the tough one but he has a good negotiation with both leaders and the calls remain positive. All of this is posted in a tweet.  Recently, Pakistan has cut ties with India. Pakistan has halted the diplomatic relations with India. Moreover the trade between Pakistan and India is also suspended. All of this happened just after when the India has eliminated the special status of Kashmir. The best part about this situation is that Pakistan has resent Indian ambassador back to India as well as it has cut trade and transport that heads to India.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi has told trump that he is very hopeful that the commerce minister of India will have a successful meeting with the trade representative of US. In the meeting both officials will be discussing the importance of bilateral trade. All of this affirmed by the Indian government in a statement.

While talking with the prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, the trump administration has urged Pakistan to explain the measures that should be taken in releasing the tension between both Pakistan and India. Moreover, the trump administration has also urged Pakistan to highlight the needs and all other requirements that should be specified in releasing the tensions between both nuclear armed countries. All of these talks are just to let both countries release the tensions easily.

Moreover, the Pakistani and American leader both have agreed to work together for strengthening bilateral trade as well as economic ties. Trump again emphasis on the needs and measure that can reduce the tensions easily.


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