Pakistani Culture

Pakistani Culture


Pakistan became an independent country in 1947 and ever since has been a cultural hub of the world. At first we will view the history of the world. Subcontinent was called the golden sparrow of the world because of the spices and resources that were available in this sector of the world were nowhere present in any other part of the world and so the time saw that other nations of the world were keeping an eye on the subcontinent. This area has been prone to many invasions in the history and many rulers have changed ever since. Trader’s form all around the world were coming to this area to buy spices and minerals that were only available in this area.

This area has been prone to invasions from tughlaqs, ghazni and mughals. The last emperors were mughals and they brought the Turk afghan culture to the subcontinent. Each invader left its culture in this part of the world and this is the reason that today we see that how Pakistan and India being the centre of the subcontinent is cultural hubs for people from all around the world.

Mughals have played a major role in making architecture such as taj mahal and hiran minar that are the key buildings in the rule of mughals. The laal qila is also famous for its design and construction. The most famous thing about taj mahal is that shah jahan ordered to cut the hands of the architects of the taj mahal so that they were never able to make any other building like this ever in their life and so that it can remain a wonder to whole world.

In 1947 Pakistan was separated from India and occupied its own positions a nation on the face of the world. Soon Pakistan became rich in culture because of the Muslim history that it possessed and the Sufis and musicians and the Muslim rulers such as mughals were a part of Pakistan now because Hindustan was for Hindus only and Pakistan was a separate state for Muslims only.

Indian and Pakistani culture:

Pakistani people are rich in culture and their foods are famous in the whole world for being the most spicy and delicious use of meat and spice. Now Pakistan has many festivals and celebrations in their homeland which are appreciated and are also famous in the other corners of the world and people from all around the world wonder to celebrate the same thing.


Food items are the speciality of Pakistan and are famous in all around the world for their taste and the use of spices. Food streets of Rawalpindi and the namak mandi of Peshawar are famous in the whole Asia for the flavours of meat that they offer. Chicken karrahi is the most famous dish of Pakistan and people from all around the world come to Pakistan to taste these karrahis with the traditional naan and chutney. Other food items like biriyani are also famous in the whole world and in Pakistan the biriyani varieties of Karachi are most famous due to the reason that different versatile varieties if biryani are available that offer different flavours individually.


Pakistani people have their traditional dress such as shalwar kamiz and sherwani and people wear them even when the go to the foreign countries in order to show their patriotism towards the world. Pakistani people are open to the culture around the world and all sorts of clothes and wearable are allowed in Pakistan just not those that reveal a lot of body because shame is the most prevalent element in the culture of Pakistan. This country was demanded on the base of religion and western clothes that offer nudity aren’t allowed in Pakistan so people are not allowed to wear such clothes in Pakistan. No one is going to stop you but a person will himself feel guilty when everyone around him will be looking at him with disgust. This is not the case with Pakistan only. When Pakistanis try to cover themselves in the European countries, they are also frowned upon so it’s a perfect payback to all the people who do the same.


Ramadan is a month that is not celebrated only in Pakistan but also in all the Muslim countries and b all the Muslims that are present in the world. In this month Muslims fast from morning to evening in the name of Allah and abstain from all the bad deeds because they want to detoxify their body and soul from all the sins that they have committed in their life. Scientifically, it is proven that if a person’s fasts everyday for almost a month then it destroys all the cancerous cells and tumours in the body and saves the person from all the future diseases as body is purified.

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