Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World

Most Popular Fashion Magazines in the World

There are a huge variety of fashion magazines in the world. Magazines are specially designed for women to look like a celebrity. You can easily adopt the latest fashion and trend from these magazines. Do you want to look like a celebrity? Wear like a star? You should consult fashion magazines. Here, you will get information about the latest trends. It’s a big opportunity for all the women to become a star.

Fashion is not limited, it’s has many varieties and styles. The list of the most popular fashion magazines in the world is given below:

  • W Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Bridal Guide
  • Virtuogenix
  • Glamour
  • Marie Claire
  • Numero
  • Another Magazine
  • Flaunt
  • Dazed and Confused
  • 7V Magazine

W Magazine

W Magazine is one of the top fashion & Style Magazines. It covers unique and glossy looks of celebrities. It is the best magazine for women. In this magazine, you can get different fashion tips and ideas. This magazine covers the photography of fashion events, popular designers and models. It also focuses on travel, beauty, arts and interviews. The subscription charges of this magazine are $15 per year.


Esquire is one of the best men’s fashion magazines. It focuses on grooming, style and men’s fashion. It is designed for men so that they can copy different stars and becomes like a celebrity. You people may think that you do not look like a star. You can make it possible, one thing you have to do is to purchase the magazine and built the habit of reading. You can also read a magazine in your spare time. When you have nothing to do, just pick up the magazine and check for the latest fashion and styles.

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is specially designed for brides. In this Magazine, you will get to know about different things like dressing, makeup, beauty, fitness tips and may more. Every bride desire to look engrossing and charming on her special day. To make that day a special day, you can get guides from this magazine. So do not worry about your dressing and makeup. This magazine covers the world’s best bridals. Make your wedding perfect with Bridal Guide. The subscription charges are $12 per year. If you are a bride to be then you should check this Bridal guide. Here, different stars guide you and give you beauty tips. Just follow this magazine and you will look a perfect bridal.


Virtuogenix is an International magazine which covers Fashion, Style, Beauty, Fine arts photography, Entertainment & Culture and Interviews. Virtuogenix is one of the top fashion magazines. Virtuogenix is an English magazine which is available in many countries including UK, Europe, Japan and many more! The subscription charges of this magazine is $20 per year.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is an American Magazine which was published in 1937. It focuses on beauty, fashion, style, makeup, career, skin care and many more. This magazine is available in more than 35 countries. Marie Claire is of the top fashion magazines in the world. You will not find another magazine like this. This magazine has all the feature that a woman wants to look perfect and beautiful. If you don’t about fashion & style then you need to check these magazines. As magazines cover the latest trends and fashion. Magazines help you a lot as you don’t have enough time for web surfing so it’s a great choice for all women who do not want to waste their precious time. Reading magazine will not take much time. You can enjoy colorful graphics.


Numero is the world’s best French magazine. It is designed for high-class and focuses on International beauty, makeup, Skin, design, health, architecture and many more. This magazine is informative. If you need a detailed description for each makeup product or tips then this magazine would be the best choice.  This magazine has beautifully described all the points. Reading this magazine, will let you know about the latest trends and fashion from all over the world.

Another Magazine

Another Magazine is an International Magazine which was published in 2001. It includes the fashion, beauty, Arts & photography and design & living. This magazine covers photoshoots of high-ranked models.


Flaunt is an American magazine which was published in 1998 by Luis Barajas. It covers the lifestyle of the most popular Hollywood celebrities. It’s a great source of entertainment for Hollywood-lovers. This magazine also includes the interviews of different celebrities.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and confused is a British Magazine which was first published in 1991 by Weddell Limited. This magazine is all about Fashion Business. It also covers music, film, fashion, art and literature. The magazine can be purchased by both men and women. The subscription charges are $17 per year.

7V Magazine

7V Magazine is an American magazine which was published in 1999. This magazine covers the lifestyles of Hollywood stars. Lifestyle includes music, cinema, architecture and celebrities. Want to become like a celebrity? Want to make their likes and dislikes yours? It’s a perfect place where you will get to know about the lifestyle of different Hollywood stars. The subscription charges of this magazine are $30 per year.


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