Iran Tanker moves forward to Greece

Iran Tanker moves forward to Greece

As you all know that the tensions between Iran and Washington have been at their peak in the current era. In this era of worst situation, one of the Iranian oil tanker is going to sail towards Greece. The tanker again started its journey to Greece yesterday, as the Gibraltar has released that tank recently. As the Gibraltar releases Iranian tanker, the super power US termed this release as an unfortunate action from the country. Moreover, the super power has just warned Greece as well as the Mediterranean ports and told them not to help any of the Iranian oil vessel.

On the other side the Asian nation, Iran has also warned that if the US pretend to stop their vessels then the consequences will be worst. However, the Iranian Foreign Minister has just make it easy by explaining that there will be no military conflict as of now. Moreover, the minister said that he will be going to visit Finland as the super power want to escalate the tensions, While the Iranian government wanted to release the tensions.

The oil tanker was seized near the Gibraltar by the British Royal Marines on July 4, 2019. The British marines was suspicious that the oil tanker is heading towards Syria. And, in that case, the Iran is violating the sanctions imposed by the European Union. The sanctions are due long confrontation between Iran and the western nations. Due to all of this the tensions between the International routes for oil shipping has also been affected via Gulf. It is to be noted that the Gibraltar is considered as the overseas territory under British Government. The US court has then released the warrant for seizing the Iranian oil tanker. The oil tanker was carrying tons of oil and a total cost of that oil tanker was near $1 million.

Moreover, the Gibraltar government has proclaimed that being a part of European Union, it might not be able to comply with the request. Moreover, the super power wants to hold the tanker on the ground by claiming that it is having ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

You might know about the secretary of state for America, Mike Pompeo has claimed in an interview to news channel that it is very unfortunate that all of those things happened. He continued and said that if the Asian country Iran begans to make profit by exporting its oil tankers then the IRGC, will be making more money. Therefore, they will be having more resources which can be invested in  marketing compaign. This is all proclaimed by the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Moreover, one of the Officials from the state department of US has proclaimed that the country is going to take strict actions against the Greeks and the ports who tried to help Iranian Tanker. And in the Mediterranean Sea, their facilitator will face the consequences.

Moreover, the official proclaimed that those ships who will be helping the Iranian oil tanker will be considered as terrorist because they will be involved in supporting the terrorist organizations.

In his visit to Finland, the Iranian Minister told that the country is happy about this deal and it will further help in downplaying the escalation between Iran and the western nations.  Furthermore, he added the warrant to seize the Iranian oil tanker is just a politically motivated warrant and the reason behind it is to increase the escalation between both countries. While giving an interview to one of the best International new channel, the Minister said that Iran will remain calm and will ignore all aspects of military conflict with US. Iran is doing this for reducing the escalation and tension between both countries. The Iranian official further added that the country is not looking to make any of the military actions and will have no plan to do it. But, as a matter of fact, the country is determined to defend itself and they have been doing it for the past 250 years till now. Moreover, the country has just responded all those superbly, who always want to invade Iran. Moreover, the foreign minister consider himself most important in downplaying the US possibility of launching the military action against Iran. All of this is proclaimed in an Interview to News Channel. He said that it is US habit to speak more and the US approach to tackle Iran this way is the violation of Charter of United Nations. However, the Greek Authorities are still hesitant to speak about the matter so far.

When the minister was asked that if the US plans to review the seizure requests and modifies the request after the tanker is being headed from Gibraltar to Greece. The minister replied that any of such kind of action from US will lead to more tensions and the security of any of the oil tankers that sail across the sea will be in danger. Due to which the oil business will revamped and destroyed completely. However, the Iranian state has released swift warnings through proper channels that if such kind of actions will be taken then the consequences will be even more worse than ever.

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