Indian culture

Indian culture


India has very rich culture and history. Since the era when it was called as the golden sparrow of the world, India has been known as the richest country when it comes to the question of resources and minerals and spices that this country and nation has been bestowed with. Muslims have ruled this country for more than 100 years and for a whole century India has been a hub for Muslim culture and traditions. We people call it our homeland but this country is not our mother land because we are one of the invaders that have invaded this country. We came as Aryans and have lived and conquered this nation ever since. The most important people that lived here and whose land this originally was were the people of Harappa and of mohenjo darro.

These people were the true natives of this land and we are nothing but the killers of their culture and race. We came as invaders and started calling this land as our own but it never was and that is why today we are invaded by the westerners and they are ruling us through the transmission of their culture in our roots and veins at the same time. We have become a slave of the time and people of west because we are what we believe and we wear. We believe in their morals and we wear what they call fashion but actually is address to submit all of our dignity to the hands of those people.

When we forgot our culture and accepted the order of east India company who came here as traders but soon turned out to be colonialists who captured our so called mother land and imposed their culture and tradition and almost stayed for 70 years after Muslims and Hindus teamed up together to push them out of our home land once and for all.


Cultural history is so rich because with each invader, came their culture and traditions that was found out to be the future culture of Hindustan. Hindustan was invaded by Turks, Afghans, Mughals and British. Since then this country or nation is called as the cultural hub because all sorts of culture is found here and people belonging from all religions, race, cast and creed can be found in this land. History has given India with a lot of lessons that never to believe any other trader and never to submit to any foreign ruler.


Foods from all around the world are present here but India’s own food legacy such as ‘brain masala’, ‘chicken tikka masala’ are one of the leading food items even in the restaurants of Europe and Asia. Indian food is loved in the entire world due to the spices that are present and the rich taste that this country’s food has to offer to the world. Bombay has his own food to offer and its butter chicken is the most famous and delicious thing that the world appreciates because of the unique buttery taste that no other country in the world has in its food. Spicy food that is cooked on coals and smoked to add flavour and the similar foods such as chicken tikka are the speciality of the culture of the India.

Indian people have their food in a big plate known as thaali and in that thaali all the food items are present in small quantities to be tasted and to have.

Restaurants in west:

Foreigners love Indian foods and this is the reason that there are hundreds of restaurants in Canada, United Kingdom and America where Indian foods are available. When people belonging to different Muslim countries go to Europe or other foreign countries, they doubt all the restaurants because they only eat halal food and Indian restaurants are their best option to have all the food they want because they don’t doubt any of the Indians to cook pork because Indians themselves don’t eat pork.

These restaurants have gained quite popularity among the restaurants of these foreign lands due to the taste that it has to offer to the world and very chef such as Ramsey Gordon came all the way to India to learn the recipes of the chef and then he really appreciated the stuff and techniques that Indians used.

He made a stall at a busy street and started selling fish curry. He made fish curry and rice along other street vendors in order to see that how he cooks as compared to the other vendors who have been selling the same dish for years. To his own surprise he learned t quickly and cooked fish curry that everyone adored in for the flavour. If you are looking to discover culture of India then this is your chance to discover it through the Indian food because that is what India it’s all about, its architecture and spices.


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