The Tapestry Network is open to ALL women called into the marketplace. You may own a business, work for a business, or be formulating a plan to start a business – in all those ways you are in the marketplace. The Tapestry Network is here to serve you & assist you by connecting you to other like-minded business women in our community. While The Tapestry Network is a Christian organization we are OPEN to share the sisterhood with any woman that is interested in being in community. You might be a mature Christian, a new Christian, somewhere in between, a woman not ready to go to a church building or a woman interested in learning what a personal relationship with Jesus might be…. We welcome YOU to come and GROW in your FATIH and your BUSINESS. As we say – COME AND GET TAPPED-IN!!!

The Tapestry Network is a transformational community of Christian businesswomen that creates a safe and supportive environment where women can grow. Through a variety of programs you have access to high quality resources that enhance your business and spiritual growth so you can be successful in life and business.

  • The Tapestry Network provides fellowship, as well as, educational and spiritual enrichment through local chapters, weekly podclasses, mastermind groups, teleseminars and conferences. 
  • The Tapestry Network is a comprehensive solution for the spiritual, business and fellowship needs of the Christian businesswoman. 
  • Tapestry members enjoy an expanded network, supportive community of Tapestry sisters, growing strength and enrichment in life, Spirit and business.

Meet Donna Gamache

Donna Gamache is a woman driven by passion, enthusiasm and success.  Every day she helps more female business owners enjoy greater success through networking, mentoring and developing their authentic personal image.

She revealed her naturally innovative business smarts when she first moved to St. Louis in 1990 and turned the “normal” job-seeker’s dilemma on its head. Upon finding out that all the positions and salaries she was be offered were menial compared to what she envisioned, she launched her own computer training and consulting firm. Through her new business, Desktop Consulting, she worked with the very same companies who interviewed her, but instead of being an hourly in-house trainer, she garnered higher fees as a consultant. Since then, she has worked as an independent OT consultant for companies such as Monsanto, AT&T, Anheuser-Busch and Edward Jones.

And that was just the beginning of Donna Gamache’s success story. In the past twenty years her business success and leadership insights have inspired countless other women to create the businesses of their dreams. Her self-confidence and never-ending desire to learn are at the core of her success. During her six years as executive managing director of the Greater St. Louis chapter of eWomenNetwork, one of the fastest-growing women’s membership networking groups in the nation, she reached out to hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Her experience as a boutique owner put her in touch with how frustrating shopping is for many people, and helped her recognize her gift for helping individuals easily find what fits their personal style and shape. Donna was inspired to redefine her business and focus on helping business owners create a powerful, authentic presence because she saw, time and time again, how many entrepreneurs fail to back up the mission and vision they have for their business with their own style and presentation. 

As an image consultant, Donna is an expert in personal style and helping people look their best. As a mentor, she is eager to share her skill-set and experience with others.  She believes that every time an aspiring entrepreneur connects with a successful woman business owner, an invaluable blueprint is created for the success of women everywhere.  There are a number of ways that Donna promotes these types of interactions. She is the host of the “Gamache Panache” radio show where she interviews boutique owners and successful entrepreneurs in a number of different industries. 

Donna’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and professionals be more successful through speaking, teaching and style strategy sessions.  She is inspired to share throughout her work how living from the inside out helps people become authentic and magnetic.

She and her husband, photographer Stephen Gamache, have two adult sons and two grandson. Donna dedicates at least one day of every week to spending time with her grandchildren.

Meet the Founder of The Tapestry Network

Stephanie Sherwood

Stephanie simply is a woman who loves to serve. As a child it was taking dessert orders at family parties, helping her teachers at school and listening to her friends and helping them to work through their problems. As an adult not much has changed! Taking the same core skills from her childhood of service and problem solving Stephanie spent most of her corporate career rebuilding and growing teams.


Stephanie has built award winning teams, broken many records and has always rallied for change to better serve the needs of employees and clients. However her biggest accomplishments are always focused on lifting others up. Whether that was helping a young sales associate promote to a manager, helping someone to find their courage to pursue their dream, building her own company so she could hire women and lift them up or training people all over the world to be better at their jobs – those are her true successes.

Along the way Stephanie has found a void in the marketplace where Christian businesswomen can show-up and be all that God has designed and called them to be without apology. After making a bold statement to God about wanting to serve and advance His kingdom Stephanie was gifted with many visions that have led her to The Tapestry Network as a Founder/CEO.

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The Tapestry Network
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